Portfolio Entry: Bellisimo Crafts

Client: Bellisimo Crafts

Location: Pakistan

Industry: E-commerce, Handmade Women’s Clothing


Bellisimo Crafts stands out as an epitome of artisan craftsmanship in the world of e-commerce. Rooted in Pakistan, this distinctive brand offers handmade women’s apparel, making each piece resonate with the touch of tradition, uniqueness, and care. Alongside their specialty in women’s clothing, Bellisimo Crafts also curates custom one-time handmade items such as women’s shawls, enchanting kidswear, and aesthetic home decor items like table runners and cushions.


To design a website that not only embodies the soulful voice of Bellisimo Crafts but also offers an intuitive user experience for its e-commerce operations. The design had to reflect the brand’s essence, its deep-rooted traditions, and its modern approach to online retail.


  • Exuture took on this project with a clear vision – to merge the classic charm of handmade crafts with modern design principles. Our approach:

    • Personalized Design – We began with understanding the brand’s voice and crafted a design that echoed with its values, traditions, and uniqueness. This ensured that every visitor felt the essence of Bellisimo Crafts right from the landing page.
    • E-commerce Integration – Our team ensured smooth e-commerce operations, making it easy for customers to browse, select, and purchase products. With efficient categorization, customers could easily navigate between women’s wear, kidswear, shawls, and home decor.
    • Responsive and Mobile-friendly – Recognizing the importance of mobile shopping in today’s digital age, we ensured that the website was responsive and provided an unparalleled experience across all devices.
    • Visual Storytelling – Using high-quality images and engaging visuals, we told the story of the artisans behind Bellisimo Crafts, ensuring that the customers connect deeply with the brand’s ethos.


The newly designed website beautifully encapsulated the spirit of Bellisimo Crafts, offering an immersive shopping experience to its customers. The balance between tradition and modernity was well received, leading to increased brand recognition and engagement.

Exuture is proud to have partnered with Bellisimo Crafts, adding another feather to our cap of successful collaborations. We continue to stand by our commitment to offer tailor-made digital solutions that resonate with brand voices, ensuring their digital presence is both authentic and effective.

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